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To participate in the affiliate program you need to register and post a link to our website.

  • The XMLGold affiliate program, unfolds a link which contains a distinct and an exclusive identifier. Designed only just for you!

    Example: (https://www.xmlgold.is/en/?referral=3cea130303031323)

  • By the moment that your link is clicked, automatically there will be a record of event into our database. Therefore, we know that there is a redirect from you reference link.
  • And if a visitor which you have invited comes to visit our website through your link and makes a transaction of exchange, you will get a promising and real deal of 10% of our profit.
  • Your reward amount will be directly bestow in your personal account, where you can check your reward.
  • You can also withdraw your reward to any payments system that you wanted and we will fully cooperate.
  • Any withdrawal of your reward will be automatically process upon your request.
  • Overall, all the exchange transactions conducted by the customer that you have invited to join and use XMLGold as his / her exchanger will be displayed and seen (in abbreviated form) in your own personal account.
  • Lastly, all the calculation and summation are in USD, but upon your withdrawal it is available in currency which you may specify. If necessary, the withdrawal (transfer to a bank account, for example) could be converted into the desired currency.
XMLGOLD affiliate program

Join our XMLGold Affiliate Program and be rewarded!


Earn by not just buying, selling, exchanging or trading e-currencies at XMLGold. But also earn good profit and freebies of a lifetime by joining and being an XMLGold Affiliate. And earn each time your invitee uses XMLGold as his / her exchanger!


Guarantee a 100% of insurance that every transaction that you and your invitee will make was secure and protected. A hundred percent certified safe from fraud, money laundering and scams, because we are protected with protocol of SSL 256-bit encryption. Lastly, the company is legit!


Every transaction or made will be confidential between the link referral owner and the one who is being referred to use XMLGold as his / her exchange platform. Also the information such as e-mail will be send right away to the e-mail address that you have provide us upon your registration at XMLGold. Instructions and indications will be send through it.