We do not accept webmoney directly, as wmtransfer forbids it.
But you can still exchange webmoney to digital and e-currencies.

To do so, we accept vouchers from service called VoIPClub and the input and output of webmoney on VoIPClub is 0%. NO FEE!
Thus, you can buy a voucher for VoIPClub with 0%, and on our website you can exchange the voucher for any digital and e-currency.
Also you can buy VoIPClub voucher from us, and online at www.voipclub.biz redeem this voucher and get webmoney for 0% NO FEE! You will be charged only the commission of webmoney 0.8%.

Below we have written detailed instructions of the exchange process.

Visit the website www.voipclub.biz
Press the button to make a registration.

ATTENTION! In the account registration, please tick the box Choose account currency :.

Then you will be available the balance in USD, and you can use the vouchers VoIPClub USD.

Please note if you have made the account in USD, and created a voucher USD, you can pay off only in the user accounts which are also in USD.

You will get an email with the confirmation link.

You need to click on the link to complete the registration.

You click on the Login button and enter your user name and password.

Next, you need to buy a credit, and this button is pressed (Buy Credit)

In the field Amount you need to enter a desired amount of funds.
Press the button Calculate money to pay
And in the list of E-Currencies choose the WebMoney USD
Then enter the captcha and press the button Checkout.

Once your account is already funded, then you go to a page Finances -> Generate vouchers


In the field: Write down voucher nominal: Choose the value of the voucher.

And moving the slider in the Set voucher amount (1 - 100): Sets the number of vouchers.

And then, press the button Checkout

And we congratulate you your voucher VoIPClub is ready.

then you go to our website xmlgold.is,
and exchange this voucher to any digtal or e-currency you wish…

If you want to exchange in reverse e-currency for webmoney.

Then you do the following steps:
The first thing you need to buy from us is a VoIPClub voucher USD

After that:
Registration for voipclub.biz as described above.
Once you are already a member and you are logged in to your account voipclub.biz.

You choose from the left menu Finances -> Redeem voucher


Entering your VoIPClub voucher, and press the Redeem button.
After that, your account will be credited with funds of this voucher nominal.
Next, go through here: Finances -> Withdraw

Enter the amount for cashout, and a purse wmz, which displays.
Drive the captcha and press the Withdraw button.